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Your favorite apps, photos, chats and more stay with you. Use the same accessories, stay protected and find a phone that feels like you with Android.

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It’s all good with Google on Android.

Your new go-to apps, accessible video chatting and texting, device compatibility, always-on security and more makes switching to Android simple.

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  • Galaxy S23 Ultra

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    Galaxy S23 Ultra

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  • Galaxy Z Fold5

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    Galaxy Z Fold5

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  • Galaxy Z Flip5

    From $999.00

    Galaxy Z Flip5

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  • Pixel 7 Pro

    From $809

    Pixel 7 Pro

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  • Pixel Fold

    From $1,799.00

    Pixel Fold

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Transfer your data safely

Copy over your most important data.

Turn on your new Android phone. Follow the on-screen prompts to transfer your iPhone data and set up your new phone. Use your old iPhone cable but if you don’t have one, you can transfer wirelessly.

An iPhone and brand new Android phone sit side-by-side, connected by a Lightning USB cord. Data is transferring easily from the iPhone to the new Android phone.

Fastest, most comprehensive

Use a cable.

To transfer the most data, we recommend using your old iPhone Lightning cable.

An iPhone and brand new Android phone sit side-by-side with a Wifi symbol between them. Two dots animate between the Wifi symbol and phones to signify wireless data transfer

If a cable isn’t available

Transfer wirelessly.

You can connect your new Android and old iPhone wirelessly, to transfer a more limited set of your data.

Why switch to Android

Do more with Google.

Android lets you craft an experience tailor-made for you. Amazing apps like Google Photos, stand-out devices and powerful protection let you express, extend and explore your world like never before.

Why switch
A picture of four friends, smiling and looking down. In the bottom left is the back of a Galaxy S23 Ultra as well as the Google Photos screen displaying the same photo. In the top right is the icon for Google Photos.


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