Why Android

Android opens up a world of possibilities.

Google Assistant scheduling a meeting by voice

Create an event called Client Meeting for 11:00 am tomorrow.

Sure. Client meeting tomorrow at 11:00 am. Do you want to save that?

Do more.
By doing less.

Android gets you through your to-do list faster and easier. Respond to emails in a tap. Schedule meetings without opening your calendar. Take notes with your voice. Even get a nightly rundown of what’s on your list tomorrow. It’s like someone gave you a couple more hours and a few extra hands.

Whale Shark Shark

The whale shark is a slow-moving, filter-feeding carpet shark and the largest known extant fish species.

Let your curiosity be your guide.

With Android, there’s more to discover at every turn. If something catches your eye, learn more by pointing your camera. If you want to read another language, translate it instantly from any app. And if you need inspiration — from vacation to dinner — get suggestions just by asking.

Digital Wellbeing

Do Not Disturb turned OFF

Do Not Disturb turned ON

Find your digital happy place.

Quality time. It’s different for everyone. For some, it’s unplugging on the weekends. For others, it’s spending hours video-chatting with your best friend. No matter what that balance is, Android helps you spend your time the way you want.

Keep your device and data protected.

Privacy that puts you in control.

Android gives you controls over the types of data that you wish to share. You can always check whether an app is using certain permissions, such as your device’s location, microphone or camera, and update the settings.

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Security that’s working for you.

Android protects your device around the clock. It offers built-in malware protection that constantly scans your device to block threats, keeping the data safe and secure.

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Meet the platform that makes it all possible.

The most helpful features, the newest apps, and the latest tools. That’s how Android helps you get the most out of every moment.