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It's time for Apple to fix texting.

Seamless experiences with Android at the center.

We’re changing the way your devices connect, bringing you the joy of a world where everything just works. Connect your phone to your TV. Or your watch. Or your car. From here to there to everywhere, it all works better together.

At home

Control within reach.

Use your phone to control your TV. Tap your watch to skip a song when you're working out. Or kick off a Routine to manage all your devices effortlessly.


Leave home with less.

Use your phone as a digital car key. Never miss a turn with Google Maps on your wrist. And pay the bill even when your wallet’s at home. The tools you need to move through your day are always right here with you.

For work

More ways to get more done.

Set up new headphones with just one tap. Use your phone to unlock your laptop. And share Wi-Fi settings between your devices.

With friends & family

Stay in touch on any device.

Share information between devices instantly. Send a message or take a call from your Wear OS watch. With Android, you’re connected to the people that matter—even when your phone isn’t with you.