We’re excited to see Apple embrace RCS and look forward to working with the entire mobile industry to make texting better for everyone.

Chat your way safely and smartly.

With Google Messages, you can customize your experience, ensure private conversations, and enjoy the latest AI features.

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Express yourself in every chat.


Everything you need.
Built right in.

Privacy & security

Save your chats from spammers.

Keep your messages secure with high-quality privacy controls, spam protection, and RCS- enabled data encryption.

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AI in Messages

What you want to say, powered by Google AI.

Turn your fave photos into reactions, set the vibe of your chats, and more! Try them out.

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Keep the conversation going across your devices.

Switch from your phone to your tablet to your smart watch during the same conversation without any interruption.

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Text it like you talk it.

Message with your own personality and voice by creating emojis, picking chat colors, and making animated effects pop.

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Text smarter, not harder.

Get suggested replies, helpful reminders and nudges, and enjoy automatic noise cancellation.

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Keep what matters.

Keep your data, contacts and chats, and enjoy seamless texting with friends and family, regardless of their device.

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Get the answers you need.

Pick your own bubble colors.

Customize the color of the text bubble and background for every chat and give each conversation its own unique look.

Reactions all your own.

Infuse each message with a burst of visual effects, including animated emojis that appear around the bubbles.

Bring your voice texts to life.

When sending a voice text, you can also choose a visual effect to express your mood.

React in whole new ways.

1. Create a new reaction right within the chat window.
2. Just pick an image from your camera roll.

From camera roll to custom emoji.

Just like magic, the subject of the picture is highlighted and automatically turned into a reaction.

Every chat deserves a custom reaction.

Make all of your chats even more you by creating as many personalized reactions as you want.

Bounce the bots.

Google Messages automatically filters out spam and phishing messages, so you never even have to see them.

Enjoy your privacy.

With RCS enabled, your chats are protected by end-to-end encryption. So you can share whatever you need to.

The perfect text, every time.

Choosing from a range of styles, let Magic Compose turn your text into something totally fun and unexpected.

Turn pics into perfect reactions.

Quickly and easily turn your favorite images into emoji you can share within your chats.

Chat across multiple devices.

Never miss a conversation with seamless integration across all your Android devices.

React dynamically.

Infuse each message with a burst of visual effects, including animated emoji that work across devices and OS.

Get the most out of your video calls.

When texting isn’t enough and things go from “ok” to “OMG.” you can download Google Meet for all of your video call needs.

Bring your voice texts to life.

When sending a voice text, you can also choose a visual effect to express your mood.

More you in every chat.

Customize the backgrounds and bubbles of your conversations, and give each contact a different theme.

Add gestures to every conversation.

React with a simple 👍, and watch as magic unfolds with an animated trio of hands dancing around the message.

Silence the noise.

Voice notes now offer noise cancellation, filtering out distracting background sounds when you record a message.

Never miss a message again.

These helpful reminders ensure you don't forget to respond to messages that need your attention.

Say it, then send it.

No matter what you’re doing, Voice Transcription helps you communicate when you can’t type, or don't want to.

Share hi-res photos and videos.

With RCS, you can send your hi-res photos and videos to anyone you want.

Stop wondering and start knowing.

RCS lets you know when someone has read your message and when they’re typing a response.

React dynamically.

Infuse each message with a burst of visual effects, including animated emoji which appear around the bubbles.

Take control of your conversations.

With RCS, name group chats, add or remove people, exit any you’re in, and assign custom colors for everyone.

Say cheese, and share your selfies with ease.

Just long press on the gallery icon, then put your best face forward and record your video. If you like what you see, share with your friends!

Currently in beta

How to Join the Beta: If you have the Google Messages app installed, find it on the Play Store & tap "Join beta" (Availability varies by region.)