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Google TV remote

Now you can find something great to watch even when the couch has eaten your remote. Use your Android's quick settings or the Google TV app on your Android phone to control your tv from your mobile device. You can even use your phone’s keyboard to quickly type complicated passwords, movie names or search terms.

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Android Auto media and games

Get on your way faster and stay entertained on your journey with music, games and more from Google Assistant on Android Auto. Safely press play when on the road to get personalized music, news, and podcast recommendations. When you get to where you’re going, GameSnacks lets you play fun and challenging games on your car’s touchscreen.


Tools that make the world more accessible.

Camera Switches

Camera Switches is a new Android accessibility feature in Switch Access that can help those with speech and motor impairments to navigate their phone using eye movements and facial gestures. It turns the phone’s front-facing camera into a switch, so you can choose one movement to scan, and another to select. Pick a combination of gestures that works for you, and customize them to your range of movement. By choosing just two simple gestures, all of Android is now more accessible to more people. Watch the tutorial to get started.

​​Camera Switches will be made widely available on September 30th.

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Project Activate

Built for and with people who don’t speak or have neurological conditions, Project Activate from Google Research makes it easy to communicate with Android via facial gestures. Whether you’re texting a loved one, getting a caregiver's attention, using a voice-activated device or laughing along with friends, the app enables you to speak just by smiling or looking up.

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Lookout updates

Lookout by Google makes it easier for people with low vision or blindness to accomplish frequent tasks like sorting mail, putting away groceries and more. This latest update introduces two popularly requested features: handwriting recognition and currency recognition for dollars, euros and rupees.

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June 2023

New skills, glanceable info and music on your wrist.

Explore the latest features that can make Android and Wear OS devices more helpful, secure, and expressive.

February 2023

Google Photos, Fast Pair, Google Keep updates and more.

Latest features, Chrome accessibility updates, and new ways to customize emoji. All to make your Android device even better.

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