Proactive security meets advanced protection.

Powerful, proactive protection that’s built right into your Android device to help keep your data safe.

Spam & phishing protection

Stay clear of spammers and shady sites.

Automatically filter out spam and phishing messages and screen scam calls. Confidently browse the web knowing you’ll be warned if you visit an identified dangerous site.

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A close up of a person using their phone on the couch. Animated icons and text for scam email, spam messages, suspected spam caller and phishing website hover on the periphery of the person’s image.

Google Play Protect

Ongoing protection against malware and bad apps.

All apps are analyzed before they’re available for download. And daily scans help disable any malware and harmful apps found on your device.

Run a device scan
A circular animation with the scan symbol and text in the center. Along with the message “no harmful apps were found.”

Security updates

Get security that’s constantly updated.

Ongoing updates provide fixes for possible issues and upgrade your device’s safety features to help battle evolving threats.

Learn about security updates
An outline of an Android phone with a notification that the system is up-to-date. Along with other details including current Android version and date and time of the last update.

Google account security

Stay safe online.

Google protects your account by encrypting your data and alerting you about suspicious logins. Google Password Manager helps keep your passwords safe and 2-step verification adds another layer of protection.

Run a security checkup
An outline of an Android phone with a Google account security checkup graphic and the message no issues found. Along with an animated checklist that includes your saved passwords, your devices and recent security events.

Secure payments

Industry-leading payment protection.

Security and privacy are built into every part of Google Wallet to keep your essentials protected. Google Pay encrypts all payments and never shares your card number.

Try Google Wallet
An image of a person sitting at the dinner table with their phone. A graphic overlay of an outline of an Android phone with an encrypted credit card inside it is placed on the image.

Data protection

Keep your data safe and backed-up.

Your device data's securely encrypted using a PIN, pattern or password. And everything's automatically backed up to the cloud so you can easily restore it to a new device if you lose your old one.1

Learn about device back up
An outline of an Android phone containing backup details.  The information displayed includes the associated gmail account, used and available storage details, manage storage call to action button, Google One backup toggle turned on, Back up now call to action button and text that says your phone backs up automatically over WiFi after it has been idle and charging for 2 hours.
A close up of the rear camera on an Android phone.


Find your perfect phone. 

Choose phones from your favorite brands, all with helpful features from Google.

Explore Android Phones
Android logo placed within the toggle UI.

Switch to Android

It’s never been easier to switch.

Securely transfer your photos, videos, messages and more from your iPhone to your new Android phone.

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Set privacy boundaries

Take more control of your privacy.

Seamlessly manage how your data is shared and used. Access all your privacy settings in one place and easily change permissions whenever you feel like it.

Personalize your privacy experience
A user is taking a selfie along with their friends using an Android smartphone. And Android is prompting the user to select the level of access they want to give the app to take pictures and record videos.