Mobility tools to use on your phone.

A white person with wavy brown hair sits in their motorized wheelchair with a robot arm attachment holding an Android phone. A Black woman crouches next to them and smiles up at the Android phone.

Voice Access

Control your phone with your voice.

Move fluidly around your phone, totally hands-free. Open apps, navigate between screens, type messages, and even edit text. All just by talking out loud.1

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Android phone with a green speech bubble at the top reads "Say '2' to connect to CableWifi". Below shows a list of other wifi networks that is in the area.

Action Blocks

Do things at the touch of a button.

For easy access to common tasks—from calling a loved one to watching your favorite show—set up Action Blocks on your phone’s home screen. Then, when you want to phone home, simply tap the button that says, “Call home.”

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Android home screen with four large square icons.

Camera Switches

Use facial gestures to navigate your phone.

Turn your phone’s front-facing camera into an adaptive tool. Use simple facial gestures—such as looking right, looking left or opening your mouth—to navigate apps and select content.

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Android phone with "Face Switch Settings" at the top of the screen

Project Activate

Text, call, speak, and more using facial gestures.

Text a loved one, get a caregiver’s attention or laugh along with friends. Activate a range of preset and customizable communication tasks with facial gestures like smiling or looking up.

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Android screen with a small icon of a persons face at the top center

Look to Speak

Use your eyes to talk to others.

Look left or right to select a word or phrase, and your phone will speak the phrase aloud. Set up a custom phrasebook for all the common things you like to say.

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