Mobile Safety

Designed for your safety.

Defense in every detail.

With Android, protection is thoughtfully built into everything you do. Like downloading apps, browsing the web and choosing to share data. If anything seems off, like a bad app or a harmful link, we'll alert you and give you tips on what to do next. And our powerful internal security guards your device and data. So that you stay protected, even when you’re not using your phone.

You’re protected at every turn.

Avoid bad apps.

Google Play Protect helps you download apps without worrying if they’ll hurt your phone or steal data. We carefully scan apps every day, and if we detect a bad one, we’ll let you know and tell you what to do next. And we study how it works. Because everything we learn improves the way we screen apps. So you stay safer.

Keep accounts secure.

When you enter a password into an app on your phone using Autofill with Google, we will check it against a list of known compromised passwords. If there's a match, we'll alert you, so you can take action.

Outsmart spammers.

Pick up the calls that matter and skip the ones that don't. We screen your calls, so you don't waste time answering bots. And spam protection tells you if a call is bad, so that outsiders can't get your personal information. To protect your privacy, the transcription of your call happens entirely on your device.

Avoid shady websites.

Google Safe Browsing lets you explore the web with confidence, protecting you from dangerous websites and malicious files. We warn you if you try to navigate to a bad website or file, getting you to safety so you don't encounter malware or a phishing scam. Because you shouldn’t be tricked into handing over your private data.

Privacy that works for you.

Android security enables privacy. We protect your data from prying eyes by wrapping it in encryption and setting boundaries around what apps can and can’t do in the background. And when you want to browse? Go incognito in Chrome or on Maps. We also give you tools that help you control who can see what data and when.

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We check on forgotten apps.

Secure to the core.

Powerful internal defense.

Keeping you safe is the heart of what we do, which is why we bake security into every detail of Android. Even the parts you can’t see. Device encryption keeps your data safe when your phone is locked so it looks scrambled to anyone trying to steal your info. And when you back your phone up to the cloud, everything is encrypted end-to-end using your phone’s PIN. So only you can access that data. Plus, we guard each app at the operating system level, so other apps won’t snoop on what you do. And we’ll even notify you if we think someone tampered with your operating system. These features are always on, working in the background. To make sure you’re protected automatically.

Emergency help

Help during moments of crisis.

We’re creating unique ways to keep you safer. Discover how your Android phone gets you help faster during emergencies.

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