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Bring your photos & music with you


Google Photos is a great way to have all your pics - past and future - in one place, with unlimited private storage and accessible from any internet connected device. There are always lots more choices on Google Play to find the photo app that works perfectly for you.


Easily transfer up to 50,000 of your songs from your iTunes library to Google Play Music for free. From there, you can access your collection on any web browser, any of your Android devices, or even from your iPhone or iPad.

Keep all your contacts

If you don’t already know which account your contacts are saved to, you’ll need to check this in iOS. To do this on your iPhone or iPad, tap “Settings”, then “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.” Once you’re in the “Contacts” section, tap “Default Account” to see which account is selected. From the list below, read the instructions for your default account.


You’ll only need to sign in with your Google Account on your Android phone or tablet and all your contacts will be right there.

Set up your email and messaging

The Gmail app is ready to go when you set up your Android phone or tablet with a Google account. Simply open the Gmail app and sign in.

Security tip: Make sure your Google account is doubly protected with 2-Step Verification.

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