Android Enterprise Essentials

Protect your devices and data with ease.

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Critical security at an affordable price.

Android Enterprise Essentials is a lighter, leaner secure management service from Google. Designed to make it easier for your company to protect and manage its mobile devices. Essentials does the hard work of securing your data for you. Your devices come protected, right out of the box.

Easy, automatic security.

Android Enterprise Essentials offers key features to keep devices and data protected. These features are activated by default and can't be turned off by your employees.


  • Screen lock enforcement prevents other users from accessing sensitive content without permission.

  • Always on malware protection provides mandatory scanning and prevents side-loading of apps.

  • All security features remain in place, even when an employee resets their device.

Get users working right away.

Remote setup. Easy management. There’s no need to manually activate each device. Just purchase devices and have your employees power them on.


  • Remote device activation lets users start working from wherever they are.

  • Policies are applied automatically, so there’s no need to configure any settings for employees.

  • Businesses can remotely wipe devices and reset screen locks. So data stays protected if the device is lost or stolen.

Streamlined for your business.

Simple. Straightforward. Android Enterprise Essentials gives you the key features you need without added complexity. So you can protect your devices with minimal effort.


  • Built for businesses with lighter management needs.

  • Essentials doesn't require a dedicated team to keep business data secure.

  • Businesses can access an effective solution at an affordable price.

Get introduced to Essentials.

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