Explore features that fit the celebration.

Explore features that fit the celebration.


Make memories this holiday season.

New Widgets

New widgets on Android let you enjoy the important parts of life right from your home screen. Rediscover your favorite photos of people and pets. Search for holiday classics and keep the party going with YouTube. Or conquer your holiday reading list with Google Play Books. Plus, you can resize your widgets at any time—just touch, hold and drag—so they fit just how you want them.

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Memories in Google Photos

Relive even more of your favorite moments with new types of Memories added to Google Photos. Now you can easily look back on the moments you celebrated, like holidays, graduations, birthdays and more.

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Defend your data from apps you don’t use.

Permissions Auto-Reset

If you haven’t opened an app in a few months (like that music festival app you forgot about) Android can automatically turn its permissions off so that it won’t have ongoing access to your data. You can turn permissions back on anytime. It’s like housekeeping for your phone—that we do for you.

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Tools and reminders for the busy season.

Family Bell from Assistant

Keep your family’s daily schedule on track with Family Bell from Google Assistant. Set a reminder on your speakers, smart displays or mobile devices to help you tackle important parts of your day. You’ll be notified with delightful sounds when it’s time to get out the door in the morning, do a midday workout or wind the family down at night. ​​You can create custom bells for your family or modify existing bells to create a schedule unique to your family.

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Digital Car Key

Use your Android phone to unlock and start your compatible car. It’s as easy as tapping your phone on the car door.1

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More features

And so much more.

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Phones ready for action.

Experience new features from Android on devices made for the latest and greatest.

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See what more your phone can do.

June 2023

New skills, glanceable info and music on your wrist.

Explore the latest features that can make Android and Wear OS devices more helpful, secure, and expressive.

February 2023

Google Photos, Fast Pair, Google Keep updates and more.

Latest features, Chrome accessibility updates, and new ways to customize emoji. All to make your Android device even better.