About the choice screen

Following the European Commission’s July 2018 Android decision, Google is implementing a choice screen for general search providers on all Android phones and tablets shipped into the European Economic Area (EEA) where the Google Search app is pre-installed.

The choice screen will appear during initial device setup and will feature multiple search providers, including Google.

An illustrative version of the choice screen follows. Providers will vary by country.

FPO image

The user will be required to choose one search provider from the choice screen during setup. The effect of a user selecting a search provider from the choice screen will be to (i) set the search provider in a home screen search box to the selected provider, (ii) set the default search provider in Chrome (if installed) to the selected provider, and (iii) install the search app of the selected provider (if not already installed). Note that in the case where a user takes an action to remove the Google search widget (including by restoring a previous device configuration where the widget had been removed), the widget will not be shown.

The choice screen will begin appearing on devices distributed in the EEA starting in early 2020.

Eligible search providers will need to fill out an application form and can bid for inclusion based on an auction. The auction process is explained in greater detail below.

The choice screen auction

Google will use a first-price sealed-bid auction to select the other general search providers that appear in the choice screen. Google will conduct auctions on a per-country basis for the period from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. Following the initial round of auctions, any subsequent rounds will occur once per year.

In each country auction, search providers will state the price that they are willing to pay each time a user selects them from the choice screen in the given country. Each country will have a minimum bid threshold. The three highest bidders that meet or exceed the bid threshold for a given country will appear in the choice screen for that country.

The auction winners, and Google, will be ordered randomly in the choice screen. In the event of a tie, Google will allocate the slots randomly among the tied bidders. In the event that fewer than three eligible search providers meet or exceed the bid threshold, Google will fill any remaining slots randomly from the pool of eligible search providers. The pool of eligible providers will include those that applied to participate in the choice screen but did not submit bids.

Eligibility criteria for participating in the choice screen

To ensure a good user experience, search providers that wish to participate in the choice screen must satisfy the following requirements.

Schedule for submitting applications and bids

August 2, 2019 Choice screen requirements and auction announced
September 13, 2019 Deadline to apply for eligibility and submit bids
October 31, 2019 List of providers that will appear in each EEA country confirmed

Application form

Interested search providers may request a full application from Google by completing the following form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to participate in the choice screen?
First, you’ll need to fill in this form. Google will then send you a full application that will allow you to confirm your eligibility and participate in the auction. Participating in the auction is the only way to secure a guaranteed place in the choice screen. If you’re eligible and don’t participate in the auction, you’ll appear in the choice screen only if there are empty slots and you’re randomly selected from among the pool of eligible rivals that have applied.
Why does Google use an auction to determine the search providers that appear in the choice screen?
An auction is a fair and objective method to determine which search providers are included in the choice screen. It allows search providers to decide what value they place on appearing in the choice screen and to bid accordingly.
The auction revenues help us to continue to invest in developing and maintaining the Android platform.
Will the number of eligible search providers there are in each country be made public?
Will what other providers are bidding be made public?
How will Google gather payments if a user selects my search service? How often?
Google will send a monthly invoice to search providers and charge only when the provider is selected by the user. Your monthly invoice will indicate how many selections came via the choice screen per country and the total amount owed to Google.
Can search providers still do pre-installation deals with OEMs?
Yes. Participation in the choice screen does not affect your ability to enter into pre-installation deals with OEMs.
Will the choice screen appear on devices where search rivals have done a pre-installation deal with a rival?
The choice screen will only be displayed on devices where the OEM has elected to pre-install the Google Search app. On devices where rival search providers are exclusively pre-installed, the choice screen will not be displayed.
Can a user change the search provider after it is selected?
Users will be able to customize their search services following the completion of the choice screen. For example, users may delete the search app that was selected through the choice screen, download additional search apps, change Chrome’s search default, or move, remove or replace the home screen search box.
When will a user see the choice screen?
During the initial setup of their new Android device, if the Google Search app is pre-installed.
Will a user see the choice screen more than once?
A user will see the choice screen once per device, at setup. If the user performs a factory reset on the device, however, the user will see the choice screen again during setup.
Are there any other costs or fees for the search providers?
Beyond the price that winning bidders will pay each time a user selects them from the choice screen, there are no costs associated with the auction or the choice screen. In particular, there are no upfront fees for participation in the choice screen, and no fees for search providers appearing in the choice screen without being selected by a user.
Can metasearch engines (aggregators) and search services that syndicate results from other providers participate in the choice screen?
Yes, so long as the service otherwise qualifies as a “general search service,” as defined above.
Where will the selected search provider’s app icon be placed upon installation?
The selected search provider’s icon will be placed according to the OEM’s device launcher logic, as if the user had downloaded the app from Google Play themselves.
Why do you require signing an NDA?
Google is using a standard form NDA to designate certain information as confidential. Google uses an NDA when it enters into commercial arrangements which, for example, involve the sharing of financial information, technical assets or other non-public information related to our products. Here, it would allow us to keep confidential the bid thresholds, bid amounts, and any other technical information that we receive from search providers. To ensure consistency among all eligible providers, we cannot negotiate terms of this agreement.
The NDA is not intended to stop you from discussing the choice screen terms and auction with the European Commission and Google will not prevent such discussions.
What if I no longer want my search service to appear in the choice screen for a country?
You may notify Google if you wish to remove your search service from the choice screen for a particular country and Google will remove it. Such notification and removal will have no effect on other countries.