Choice Screen Auction Options

Period Q1 2021
Updated December 3, 2020

The providers that will feature in the choice screen are listed in alphabetical order below.

The choice screen will always show a maximum of 4 providers, including Google. The auction winners, and Google, will be ordered randomly in the choice screen on a per device basis. In the event of a tie, Google will allocate the slots randomly among the tied bidders on a per device basis.

Country Winners
Austria GMX,, PrivacyWall
Belgium DuckDuckGo,, PrivacyWall
Bulgaria GMX,, PrivacyWall, Yandex
Croatia GMX,, PrivacyWall, Yandex
Czech Republic, PrivacyWall,
Denmark Bing,, PrivacyWall
Estonia GMX,, Yandex
Finland Bing,, PrivacyWall
France Bing,, PrivacyWall
Germany Bing,, PrivacyWall
Greece GMX,, PrivacyWall, Yandex
Hungary GMX,, PrivacyWall, Yandex
Iceland GMX,, PrivacyWall
Ireland Bing,, PrivacyWall
Italy Bing,, PrivacyWall
Latvia GMX,, PrivacyWall, Yandex
Liechtenstein GMX,, PrivacyWall
Lithuania GMX,, PrivacyWall
Luxembourg GMX,, Qwant
Malta GMX,, PrivacyWall
Netherlands Bing,, PrivacyWall
Norway Bing,, PrivacyWall
Poland GMX,, PrivacyWall
Portugal GMX,, PrivacyWall
Republic of Cyprus GMX,, Yandex
Romania GMX,, PrivacyWall, Yandex
Slovakia, PrivacyWall,
Slovenia Ecosia, GMX,
Spain Bing,, PrivacyWall
Sweden Bing,, PrivacyWall
United Kingdom Bing,, PrivacyWall

* Google will be an option in all countries.

* Search providers can withdraw in countries where they won a given auction. As a result, the final set of providers that ultimately appears in each country may vary from the list above.