Explore your world with vision tools.

A group of people using a Pixel device for a video or picture.

Lookout Image Q&A

Visual content is now more accessible.

Image Q&A uses AI to generate image descriptions and answer follow-up questions that you can ask using your voice or typing. Use it on everything from images on social media to your photo gallery.1

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Reading mode for Android

Personalize your screen reading experience.

You can use Reading mode on websites or apps with long articles. Customize the contrast, color, and font size of text without changes to the content. You can also use the read aloud feature to have the content read out for you.

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Hear and feel what’s on your screen, eyes free.

Interact with your phone through sound and touch with Android’s screen reader. Hear things from notifications to “Your battery’s at 10%.” Or use customizable gestures, your own braille display and braille soft keyboards to connect.2

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Android home screen with multiple icons visible. One icon is highlighted with a blue square and reads out "Gmail" with a blue speech bubble.

Low vision tools

Bring your phone into focus.

Adjust your phone's visual settings to suit your vision. Increase the font and display size, or switch to bolded text or high-contrast mode to make content stand out. Toggle to dark mode. Use color inversion or correction to boost visibility. Zoom in on the details with powerful magnification.

Android phone lock screen with a zoomed in view of the weather in a circle. 72 degrees fahrenheit with a partial sunny icon.


Explore your world with your phone.

Use your phone’s camera to identify nearby objects and get things done faster. From sorting your mail and unpacking groceries, to exploring social media, Lookout uses AI-powered computer vision to get more information about the world around you with sound.

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Android phone with a camera showing an image of two bar stools. There is a blue speech bubble overlaid that reads 'two stools'.

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