Amplify what matters with audio tools.

Person with a cochlear implant holds Android phone in front of them.

Read what's said, the moment it's spoken.

Live Caption

Caption almost anything on your phone.

With a single tap, automatically caption videos, podcasts, and audio messages—even your home movies. Choose the language2 you’re familiar with, and watch spoken words appear on-screen. On Pixel, you can even caption your calls. You can automatically generate real-time captions for media with audio on Chrome.

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Android phone open to a post from Sephora on Instagram's main feed. Video of a white woman with short hair talking. Android's Live Caption is on and overlays text on the phone with spoken words appearing in English, "Today I'm going to share my top trending skincare picks.

Hearing aids

Stream sounds from your phone to your ears.

Pair your hearing aids with your Android device to enjoy music, entertainment, conversations and more.3

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Android phone settings option appears on the screen. Text reads "Device details: an icon of hearing aids with text below Perrin's hearing aids. Option to 'forget' or 'disconnect'. Below that reads, Related Tools with Live Caption and Live Transcribe shown.

Sound Amplifier

Boost the sounds you want to hear.

Using your phone’s microphone, hone in on certain voices for clearer conversations (“Hi, Dad.”). Cut out distracting background noises. All you need is a pair of headphones.4

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Android phone with the Sound Amplifier page open. At the top of the screen shows the sound amplification waves with short and long lines. Below shows 'phone media' highlighted. Setting options below read: 'Boost quiet sounds. Boost low or high frequencies'. Second option button below reads 'Adjust ears separately'.

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Live Transcribe & notification

Join any conversation with Live Transcribe's instant speech-to-text captions. Never miss a beat by setting your phone to vibrate when your name's spoken. And for other important sounds like sirens, a doorbell or a dog barking, set your phone or smartwatch to vibrate or flash.'

Lookout Image Q&A tool is available only on Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.