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Get great out-of-the-box protection with the ability to further personalize your privacy experience.

Privacy dashboard

Check which apps can access sensitive data.

See which apps have accessed your camera, microphone and location in the last 24 hours. And decide which ones have your permission to continue doing so.

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A graphic animation highlighting that the Privacy Dashboard provides details about which apps have accessed your camera, location and microphone in the last 24 hours.

Device permissions

Set your privacy boundaries.

With Android, you choose when to share certain sensitive data with apps you download.

A person standing on a grassy hillslope looking at their Android phone. A graphic overlay seeking permission to allow an app to take pictures and record videos is placed on top. Permission options include allowing access while using the app, only this time or don’t allow.

App permissions

Decide when you share data.

Allow microphone, camera or location access all the time, just once or never.

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A parent in a wheelchair smiles looking at an Android phone while their child sings and dances. A graphic overlay highlights the details of permission manager including the number of apps allowed access to body sensors, calendar, call logs, camera and contacts.

Permission manager

Manage all your permissions in one place.

Access and control all your sensitive app permissions in one central location.

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An image of a group of friends sitting in the rocky outdoors with one person looking at their Android phone.  A graphic overlay seeking permission to allow an app approximate or precise location access is placed close to the image. Additional permission options include allowing access while using the app, only this time or don’t allow.


Control how your location is shared.

Choose which apps get your approximate location and which apps get more precise information.

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A person is preparing food by the kitchen sink while looking at their Android phone. A graphic overlay of a settings notification is placed on top of the image. It states that temporary files from unused apps have been removed and permissions have been reset.

Auto reset permissions

Reset access for unused apps.

If you haven't used an app in a while, Android will automatically reset your permissions.

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Data safety section

Find out how different apps use your data.

The data safety section in Google Play provides details about what data an app can access and use. That way you can confidently decide which apps to download.

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A person lays down on a blanket, in the grass, with their service dog. They use their Android phone. A graphic overlay of an Android phone outline is partially placed over the image. It contains details of data shared with apps, including location data and personal information. Along with a section that shows what purpose the data is shared.

Tracker alerts

Unknown tracker alerts help protect you from unwanted tracking.

Your phone automatically detects and notifies you of unfamiliar tracking devices that are moving with you. Locate them with ease.1

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A close up of the top right part of an Android phone with a notification of unfamiliar tracking devices along with a map showing distance of the device.

Camera & mic

Toggle your phone’s eyes and ears.

Android lets you know when your camera and microphone are in use with green icons in the top right corner. Just toggle to disable camera and mic access system-wide.

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A close up of the top right part of an Android phone with a green dot close to the corner of the screen. Graphic overlays say camera access available and mic access blocked. Along with an icon of an eye with a lock symbol.

Ad Privacy

Take control of your ad experience.

Android is helping prevent your activity from being tracked across apps by limiting the data apps can share to show ads.

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An outline of an Android phone with animated lock, follow by a list of ads that have been prevented on getting user data.

Protected computing

Technology that ensures your data safety and privacy.

Android minimizes and de-identifies your data from intelligent features. And restricts access to technically ensure your privacy and safety.

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An outline of an Android phone with animated lock, microphone, image and volume icons.
A close up of the rear camera on an Android phone.


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Prioritizing physical safety

Get help when and where you need it most.

Make it easier for first responders to find you in a moment of crisis. Receive alerts that can help you seek safety faster. And communicate with loved ones when you’re in urgent need of help.

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A truck driver is sitting behind the steering wheel. On the top left there is an animated overlay with a notification saying car crash detected, along with a 60 second countdown clock. And on the bottom right side there is a UI animation with options I’m OK and call 911.