Save precious seconds.

Every moment matters during a crisis. Android has unique features that can empower you to respond faster – and smarter – during an emergency. Helping you get to safety quickly. And making it easier for first responders to find you.

Prepare for emergencies

Know when an earthquake is about to hit.

A line animates in, creating the peaks and valleys of a seismograph. An alert pops up that says "Earthquake. Estimated magnitude 6.1. 20 miles away." Several circles radiate out from the most activity to show the epicenter of the earthquake.

Reach first responders faster

A lifeline in your pocket.

Partner with Android.

If you're a governmental or emergency services organization, Android wants to work with you.

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A group of four coworkers have a work meeting.

Global coverage.

ELS is available in many countries, across the global.

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Some hikers laugh while talking and looking at a map.

Only for Pixel phones

Pixel offers extra support.