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It’s time for Apple to fix texting.

It’s not about the color of the bubbles. It’s the blurry videos, broken group chats, missing read receipts and typing indicators, no texting over Wi-Fi, and more. These problems exist because Apple refuses to adopt modern texting standards when people with iPhones and Android phones text each other.

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There’s a really clear solution.

Apple turns texts between iPhones and Android phones into SMS and MMS, out-of-date technologies from the 90s and 00s. But Apple can adopt RCS—the modern industry standard—for these threads instead. Solving the problem without changing your iPhone to iPhone conversations and making messaging better for everyone.

Help @Apple #GetTheMessage

What iPhone users experience.

It’s not about the color of the bubbles—iPhone users get a bad texting experience.

Help @Apple #GetTheMessage

A screen split vertically, green on the left, blue on the right. A high-resolution image of two cats, wearing circle glasses and pineapple hats animates in from the left. When the image hits the middle line, the image shrinks to one quarter the size and becomes severely pixelated.

From purr-fect to pixelated.

Photos and videos are often tiny and blurry because iPhones continue to use SMS/MMS.

A text bubble with the word “HELP!” is surrounded by a circle of other empty text bubbles. The bubbles animate from the center to the bottom right corner, top right corner and bottom left corner before returning to the center.

This is the chat that never ends.

iPhones use outdated tech for group conversations with Android, so you can’t leave the chat—even when you want to.

A series of white cloud-like text bubbles float from left to right in front of a sky blue background. A Wi-Fi logo floats right to left, behind the clouds.

Bye bye Wi-Fi.

Texts from iPhones can’t always be sent to Android over Wi-Fi, leaving your messages unsent and convos hanging if you don’t have cell service.

A green text bubble animates in. A keyhole and an open lock appear above the bubble. The lock then snaps down, locking the text bubble.

Safely hit send?

SMS and MMS don’t support end-to-end encryption, which means your messages are not as secure.

A circle with a red stroke floats around and magnifies a green text bubble with the word “Hello?” in it and a blue background.

What does that say?

iPhones make texts with Android phones difficult to read, by using white text on a bright green background.

A light blue text bubble contains three animated typing indicator dots, bumping from left to right. Around the bubble are other text bubbles floating up and down.

Will they or won’t they?

Without read receipts and typing indicators, you can’t know if your Android friends got your text or if they’re responding.

The frustration is real.

People are talking about it. From tweets to TikToks the conversation is bubbling.

Help @Apple #GetTheMessage

You’re frustrated about it, they’re reporting about it.

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Apple should fix what’s broken.

The bad experience you get when texting Android users is created by Apple. But they can fix it by switching from SMS/MMS to RCS, the modern industry standard. And everyone’s experience would be better.

Help @Apple #GetTheMessage