Android is for everyone

Android’s open platform helps people around the globe enjoy greater access to more information and opportunity than ever before.

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The Android platform enables device makers to compete and innovate. App developers can reach huge audiences and build strong businesses. Consumers now have unprecedented choice in devices, at ever-lower prices.
Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP, Android, Chrome OS & Play

More technology for more people in more places

Anyone can download, customize, and distribute the Android source code at no cost. This lets manufacturers build mobile devices at lower costs, giving people around the globe access to mobile technology that was previously out of reach.

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The freedom to choose

Android’s open-source model encourages innovation by giving device makers the freedom to customize their phones and the Android OS, as well as preinstall any apps they choose. So consumers get more choices when it comes to devices and apps.

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A catalyst for economic growth

By 2020, the mobile ecosystem is expected to employ some 15 million people globallyGSMA - Global Mobile Economy Report - 2015 (page 3). Android will fuel this progress by helping developers and manufacturers create even more jobs around the world.

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Powering universal access to information

Whether by producing affordable devices for emerging markets, or providing access to thousands of educational and health apps, Android helps more people access information and opportunity than any other mobile platform.

See how Android makes a difference

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Discover how Android brings accessibility, opportunity, and competition to the mobile market.

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Android’s impact over the years

See how Android’s commitment to openness has helped the mobile industry flourish.

Smartphone makers have few options

Manufacturers that want to build a smartphone have only two costly choices: pay to license an operating system or develop their own.