Leading device and data protection.

Defence in depth.

Each layer of defence works together to make the whole ecosystem stronger. We start by building a secure OS, and making sure that device makers meet our strict hardware standards.

Then, we add security services on top to help prevent leaks and hacks. And finally, we give you control over the entire fleet of devices. Because a wall is good. But a fortress is better.

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Device protection.


  • Verified Boot alerts you to OS compromises when you start up.

  • Anti-exploitation techniques prevent vulnerabilities from becoming exploitable.

  • Critical security functions happen in the TEE separate from the OS.

Google security services.


  • Google Play Protect detects and blocks malware threats.

  • Google Safe Browsing protects you from malware and phishing.

  • SafetyNet API checks managed devices before they can access data.

Enterprise controls.


  • Deploy devices to enforce compliance across the business.

  • Distribute and configure apps safely with managed Google Play.

  • Work profile helps prevent leaks between personal and company data.

How our security stacks up.

Our security features and services meet regulatory certifications and industry standards and are validated by independent analysts and researchers. That’s good news for the safety of your business.