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Identity provider

Which identity provider does your organization currently use?

Select one. If you use two identity providers, select your primary one.

(e.g., Google Workspace, Cloud Identity)
(e.g., Active Directory, Azure AD)


How do you want to manage your devices?

Select all that apply.

See all devices currently in use.
Require a PIN or passcode for every device.
Remotely remove data from any device.
Choose which apps your employees can download.
Automatically push installations.
Deploy devices over the air with management enforced.
View all devices—including ones that haven't been deployed.
Find and deactivate a lost device.
Allow employees to use the same device for work and personal tasks.
Keep work data secure and separate.
Turn features on or off.
Pre-configure Wi-Fi and VPN networks.
Install authentication certificates.
Configure a device to perform a limited number of tasks.
Remove all data between each user session.
Preset some details—like a web browser’s proxy.
Pre-authorize runtime permissions—like location access.

Company size

How many employees does your business have?

Select one.

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