Two profiles, one device

Protect company data, employee privacy, and improve work life balance with Android work profile.

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Help prevent data breaches and improve employee privacy

Secure work data while respecting employee privacy with dedicated work and personal profiles.


  • Help prevent data breaches

    Protect your company’s data with full encryption on the work profile, even if there are compromised apps on the personal profile.

  • Enable employee privacy

    Give your employees peace of mind. With two profiles on one device, they are free to use their personal data and apps privately.

  • Secure company data

    Remotely wipe a device’s work profile to protect your company’s data without impacting the employee’s personal profile.

Optimize device management & deployment

Remotely configure and manage work profiles to enable devices for corporate and personal use.


  • Unlock personal devices

    Allow employees to use personal Android devices for work with full management control over data in work profile only.

  • Manage approved app lists

    Choose which apps your employees can access on the work profile without restricting apps they can access on their personal profile.

  • Remotely provision devices

    Provision company-owned devices remotely with zero-touch enrollment and get employees up-and-running right out of the box.

Increase productivity and work-life balance

Improve employee experiences with work profile’s productivity and digital well-being tools.


  • Empower to do more

    Boost employee efficiency with work profile’s cross device experiences such as intuitive context switching, smart dictation, and more.

  • Enable work-life balance

    Help improve work-life balance by allowing employees to toggle off work notifications and fully disconnect after work.

  • Eliminate the need for two devices

    Save resources on purchasing multiple devices by unlocking devices for work and personal use.

Try the work profile demo

Get hands-on with the work profile by testing separation, productivity and digital well-being features on your phone. Just follow these easy steps to get your demo up and running on your mobile device.

Work profile

Separate work apps and data from employee personal data on employee and company-owned devices.

  1. Step 1 Begin setup.

    Scan this QR code to set up your work profile on your Android device.

  2. Step 2 Complete setup.

    Follow the steps on screen.

  3. Step 3 Get the companion guide.

    Download the companion guide and follow the steps to begin the demo.

    Get the guide

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