Google AI on Android at work

Making AI helpful for everyone at work.

Discover how Google AI on Android can transform how you work as an employee, a business or a developer.

For your employees

Supercharge productivity, unlock creativity.

Make moments of discovery seamless.

Make moments of discovery seamless.

Add a brilliant mobile assistant to your team.

Enhanced security, transparency and control over company devices.

For your business

Enhanced security, transparency and control over company devices.

For developers

Build smarter tools to solve bigger challenges.

Gemini in Android Studio

Speed up development with an AI-powered coding companion.

Build high-quality Android apps, faster, with a tool designed to do just that. Gemini in Android Studio will help you answer development queries, generate code, find relevant resources, fix errors and more.

Google AI Studio

Start no-code prototyping in no time.

Build and test cutting-edge AI models without complex coding. Classify, organize and inspect images or text, extract actionable insights from large volumes of text and translate customer inquiries into different languages all with Google AI Studio.

Vertex AI Studio

Deploy large end to end generative-AI models.

Bring your complex enterprise AI applications to life in a fully-managed, unified development platform. Access and utilize AI solutions, search and conversations, industry-leading compute resources and 130+ foundation models including Gemini all in one place.


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Android Talks AI

Learn how you can supercharge your work with Google AI on Android while improving control and security with our new video ‘Android Talks AI.’ Tune in to see how to make the most of AI on the go with some of the most groundbreaking business features.

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Add a brilliant mobile assistant to your team.

Brainstorm, plan, write, analyze and create new things with our AI assistant on your Android phone.

Power-up your workday with an assist from Google AI.

Compose, refine and proofread email drafts. Automatically summarize missed conversations. Draft meeting notes and key takeaways with Gmail’s Help Me Write, all from your Android device.