Effortless security updates

Select new devices with Android Nougat can automatically stay current with the latest software and security updates. When an update becomes available, it’s automatically downloaded and installed, so you can seamlessly transition to the most secure software the next time you power on your device.

Hardened security

Android Nougat features a re-architected media stack that's been significantly hardened against common attacks. By incorporating integer-overflow sensitisation, the stack is much more robust against malformed content, while sandboxing of media processes protects the operating system against privilege escalation. Ultimately these protections provide multiple levels of defence to keep your data safe.

Reboot without missing a thing

When a device with Android Nougat reboots, you no longer have to wait before accessing core device functionalities. Thanks to Direct Boot mode, you’ll still be able to receive phone calls, see notifications and access accessibility features, all before you unlock your device. Moreover, it’s all done while keeping your stored data encrypted.

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Encrypting device data

Full-disk encryption fully encodes all user data with an 128-bit encryption key. Once a device is encrypted, any new data is also encrypted automatically before committing to disk. Additionally, Android Nougat’s 256-bit, file-based encryption helps isolate and protect individual users. What’s more, each user’s encryption key is associated with their lock-screen credential, so that data can only be decrypted by its rightful owner.

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Android's built-in encryption helps us protect our users' financial data. That way users don't need to worry about what's safe and what's not.

Justin Brickell Engineer, Android Pay

Helping apps keep users safe

Android’s new Network Security Configuration feature lets developers customise an app’s network security policy without modifying its code. This enables them to easily block cleartext traffic, set up a separate debug configuration and configure the set of trusted certificate authorities.

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More control over privacy

Android allows users to turn app permissions on and off at will, providing more control over privacy than ever before. For example, you can now allow an app that takes photos to access your device’s camera, but not its location or other private information.

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Android has opened access to hardware security that used to be costly and difficult to use. Now with Keystore, any developer can use the best available hardware security features.

Chad Brubaker Senior Engineer, Android Security

Protecting devices from the inside

Android features extra layers of hardware-based security starting with Keystore, which protects inherently sensitive data such as credentials and keys, including the keys used to decrypt your disk. And with Android Nougat, all new Android devices are required to have hardware support for key storage and brute-force protection of your lock-screen credential. This way, data can only be decrypted by its rightful owner on their device.

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