Discover what your device can do for you.

With Android’s accessibility features – designed by and for people with disabilities – you can engage with your world, your way. Use these helpful tools to have conversations, get work done, be entertained, tick off daily tasks and so much more.1

Vision features

Explore your world with vision tools.

Explore the visual accessibility tools and features that Android has to offer, including bolded text or high-contrast mode and audio notification cues.

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Audio features

Amplify what matters with audio features.

Get instant notifications about things happening around you, hone in on important sounds, caption calls in real time and more.

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Mobility features

Use your phone with mobility tools.

Communicate with others by using facial gestures. Move freely around your phone just by talking out loud. Our mobility tools make it easier to access everyday tasks.

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Participation & support.

Accessibility user testing.

Help us make our accessibility features even better by participating in user testing and providing helpful feedback.

Help Centre.

Learn more about how to enable accessibility settings or talk to someone from our Disability support team at the Help Centre.

Stories from real people.

There are some remarkable people with disabilities out there using technology for their passions and communities. Discover how they are redefining what’s possible with Android.

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