Emergency help

Saving precious seconds.

React with confidence.

Every moment matters during a crisis. Android has unique features that can empower you to respond faster – and smarter – during an emergency. Helping you get to safety quickly. And making it easier for first responders to find you.

More time to duck, cover and hold.

Know when an earthquake is about to hit.

Android can alert you seconds before an earthquake hits so that you can seek safety faster. Powered by the Android Earthquake Alerts System, Android devices become mini seismometers, making up the world’s largest mobile earthquake detection network. If there are tremors, the system can alert you to help you seek safety. Once the shaking is over, you can tap for tips on what to do next. So that your next move is the smartest one.

Currently available in Greece, New Zealand, Turkey and the Philippines, with plans to expand to more countries soon. If you’re in California, Oregon or Washington, we've partnered with California's ShakeAlert® System to provide you with the alerts.

A lifeline in your pocket.

First responders get a head start.

Sometimes, it’s tricky for emergency responders to find you if you call from your mobile device. But not if you have Android. The Emergency Location Service lets first responders target your phone’s location and send help quickly. Whether you’re at the beach, on a walk or in your home. And we can even let them know which language you prefer to speak. So you get the help you need, faster. Available in many countries across the globe.

See if it’s in yours

Pixel offers extra support.

Drive with help on standby.

If your device determines that you’ve been in an accident, we ask if you need help. If you don’t respond, we call emergency services for you and let them know where you are. So help stays close – no matter how far you drive.

Let loved ones know when you need help.

If you’re nervous about doing something – like taking a late-night lift-share or going on a solo hike – you can ask your phone to check in on you at a scheduled time. Then, we’ll ask you if you’re safe. If you don’t respond, we’ll contact your emergency contacts, letting them know your location. Because sometimes you might want help getting in touch with your loved ones.

mobile safety

Secure from the ground up.

With Android, protection is thoughtfully built into everything that you do on your phone. From downloading apps to choosing when you share data, we keep you safe at every turn.

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