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Note: On focused video, in browsers that support HTML 5, use the following shortcuts:

  • To play and pause press space.
  • Increase volume ↑up arrow, decrease volume ↓(down arrow).

Introducing Live Transcribe video transcript

Illustrations show different styles of communication. One person signs 'we' and another writes 'all'. Someone types 'communicate' on a phone and another says 'differently'.

Animated text reads 'But Live Transcribe lets you join in'.

A mobile phone using Live Transcribe enters the screen during a meeting scene. One person says 'Is it all updated?' and another replies 'Yep, everything’s ready.' while the phone displays captions.

Now the animated text reads 'Instantly'. The mobile phone re-enters at a coffee shop and transcribes the barista saying 'That’ll be $5, please'. Live Transcribe adjusts from spelling out dollars to showing the dollar sign.

Animated text reads 'And have conversations with anyone, in any language' while multiple languages are displayed in the background. The Live Transcribe app logo animates as text reads 'Right from your Android phone.\'

Introducing Live Transcribe

Now deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people can have conversations easily with just an Android phone.

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See instant captions anywhere

Whether you’re ordering a coffee or meeting someone new, Live Transcribe helps you communicate in the moment.

Choose your languages

Pick from over 70 languages and dialects to read accurate captions in the language that’s being spoken.

And catch important nuances

It’s powered by Google’s speech recognition technology, so the captions adjust as your conversation flows. And since conversations aren’t stored on servers, they stay secure on your device.

All right from your phone

Live Transcribe is easy to use, all you need is a Wi-Fi or network connection. It’s free of charge to download on over 1.8 billion Android devices operating on 5.0 Lollipop and above.

Built with expert help

We partnered with Gallaudet University, a premier school for deaf and hard of hearing students, to make sure that Live Transcribe was helpful for everyday use.

A few thoughts from Gallaudet

Ready to begin?

This new Android Accessibility service app is available to download on the Google Play store. After installing the app, turn on Live Transcribe in your phone’s Accessibility settings and tap on the app to use it.

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If you have a Pixel 3 or above device, simply turn on Live Transcribe in your accessibility settings.

Have a question or want to share your feedback on Live Transcribe? Find answers to frequently asked questions in our Help Centre or contact us via Google Accessibility support.