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A secure, easy-to-manage mobility platform and innovative devices optimised for employee productivity and well-being.

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Innovative devices, AI-enhanced security, robust management controls and employee productivity tools to meet your evolving needs.

Choose an open platform with innovative devices

Discover flexibility with Android's open platform on premium devices, foldables and tablets.


  • Leverage Android developer tools to build custom business solutions.

  • Elevate your employee experience with Android Enterprise Recommended devices.

  • Find secure technology integrations from industry-leading providers.

Choose always-on security.

Help keep your devices and data safe with built-in security that leverages Google’s powerful AI.


  • Deploy multi-layered security via Verified Boot, device encryption and a trusted execution environment (TEE).

  • Detect and block malware threats with Google Play Protect.

  • Strengthen security through scrutiny with an open and transparent operating system.

Choose robust management and controls.

Enable every type of use case, from BYOD to fully locked-down devices.


  • Leverage granular controls to help meet evolving regulatory requirements.

  • Configure devices remotely and deploy fast with zero-touch enrolment.

  • Configure and manage public and private apps through managed Google Play.

Choose well-being and improved productivity.

Help employees get more out of their devices with work profile, AI-powered productivity and Digital Wellbeing tools


  • Use work and personal profiles on a single device for better data privacy

  • Work smarter with Google productivity tools, AI features and app integrations.

  • Tune out distractions with 'Focus' and 'Turn off' work modes.


Discover the latest resources for financial organisations.

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Discover why your bank’s mobile-device strategy is critical to meeting evolving customer and employee expectations.

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Android Enterprise for Financial Services

With robust security, powerful device management, and innovative devices, Android Enterprise offers unique value for financial services organisations.

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