Android zero‑touch enrollment

Seamless setup and deployment of
corporate-owned devices

Fast, easy and secure

Zero‑touch enrollment enables large scale Android deployments across multiple device makers so organizations can mobilize their employees with ease.

Simplified device provisioning Simplified device provisioning

Simplified device provisioning

Zero-touch enrollment allows IT to deploy corporate-owned devices in bulk without having to manually setup each device. Users just open the box and start using the device with management, apps and configurations all set.

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Enforced management

Enforced management

IT can enforce management out of the box with the managing app automatically installed on setup. Customers can use their preferred enterprise mobility management provider to set policies and manage apps on the device.

Set‑up flow

Get started with just a few steps.


Zero-touch enrollment resources

Zero-touch enrollment partners

Find resellers, devices and management providers validated by Google to support zero-touch enrollment.

Zero-touch resellers

Begin purchasing and deploying devices through global carriers and resellers

Zero-touch devices

Select from hundreds of devices that support zero-touch

Zero-touch EMMs

Find Enterprise Mobility Management experts who integrate with zero-touch