Android Wear

Information that moves with you.

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navigate to the satellite cafe

Just say “Ok Google”

Respond to texts, instant messages, and emails by voice. Ask questions like “Will it rain this weekend?”, “What time is it in London?”, or “How do I get to the post office?” and get straight answers.

7,198 steps

Reach fitness goals

Keep track of your fitness with daily summaries showing your step count and heart rate.* *Heart rate only available on watches with heart rate monitors.


Read your messages in a glance on your watch or reply by voice without taking out your phone.

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Just say "Ok Google, call me a car" to order a Lyft to your location. See how long your wait is and the model of the car on your watch and rate the driver with a couple of taps when you arrive.

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Say "Ok Google, start a run" to track your run right from your wrist. You'll see your time, distance and calories burned in a glance on your wrist, and you can pause or stop your activity with a quick tap, all while your phone is tucked away in a pocket or bag.

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Connects to your Android phone

Android Wear connects your phone to your wrist. Pause, play, and skip music tracks or quickly respond to text messages from your watch.

Wear works with phones running Android 4.3 or higher. Visit on your phone to see if it’s compatible.

Useful throughout the day

More ways to use Android Wear  


Glance at the weather forecast when you get up in the morning.

15 mins
To Home


See how long it will take you to get to work while you’re getting ready in the morning.

Lunch with Morten
The Gem Café

Next appointment

The subject, time, and location of your next appointment appear so you don’t have to check your calendar.

Departs 8:05pm
Terminal 3
Air Canada 612


Your flight information appears before you go to the airport.

Check again
10:33 AM


Keep track of your activity with daily summaries showing your step count and heart rate.

Sam Blitzstein

Calls, texts, emails, instant messages

See who’s calling, or read texts, instant messages, and emails as soon as they arrive.

what time is it in London

Voice search

Just say “Ok Google” to get the information you need. Ask anything, like “Will it rain this weekend?”, or “What time is it in London?", or “How many calories are there in an avocado?”

Turn right on
Washington St
in 50 ft


Just say “Ok Google navigate to...” and your destination to get turn by turn navigation.

Light sleep

Music control

Just say “Ok Google play some music” to start listening from your phone, and pause, play, and skip tracks on your watch.

Pick up popcorn


Glance and say “Ok Google” to set location-based or time-based reminders. For example, “Ok Google remind me to water the plants when I get home.” Or “Ok Google remind me to pick up popcorn at 6pm.”

idea for a movie a boy travels to mars with space aliens


Just say “Ok Google take a note paradiso cafe” to create a note with that restaurant recommendation in Google Keep.

Choose your watch

Gear Live
Moto 360
G Watch

Samsung Gear Live

The Samsung Gear Live has a stunningly vivid screen that’s visible no matter where you are—indoors, outdoors, in the dark, or even in direct sunlight. The Gear Live is water and dust resistant, so you can keep it on through all your daily activities.

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Moto 360

Moto 360 is a modern timepiece powered by Android Wear™. Comfortable, familiar, and crafted with the finest materials, Moto 360 keeps you up to date without taking you away from the moment. Glance at your wrist to see updates or just speak to get the info you need. Because it’s time a watch told you more than just the time.

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LG G Watch

The G watch has a slim design that makes it remarkably comfortable to wear. The always-on display lets you check the time and see new information without ever touching it. And the powerful battery keeps going all day on a single charge.

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