Peace of mind in the palm of your hand

Backed by the strength of Google, Play Protect brings control to your fingertips without forcing you to run the show. By combining choice with transparency, we lay out the ideal security blanket for your mobile device. Consider yourself covered.

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Security is engineered into everything we do

Our goal is to make Android the safest computing platform in the world. That's why we invest in technologies and services that strengthen the security of devices, applications and the global ecosystem.

It's also one reason Android is open source. Being open allows us to tap into a global network of security talent, full of innovative ideas that help make Android safer every day. Security experts around the world can review our code, develop and deploy new security technology and contribute to Android’s protections.

As the Android ecosystem evolves, we continue to invest in leading-edge security ideas. And we want to share our knowledge openly with you. Explore below to learn about the latest technologies and information that help secure Android.

Adrian Ludwig Director of Android Security

Automatic security, all the time

Android devices come with a built-in software called Verify Apps, which regularly checks to make sure all apps are behaving on your device. If a harmful app is detected, Verify Apps will display an alert or block the app entirely.

Simplify security with your fingerprint

Fingerprint API lets users unlock their device, securely sign in to apps and check out on Android Pay and the Play Store, all with the tap of a finger.* And to help developers integrate functionality into third-party apps, Android comes with a Fingerprint API.

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*dependent on hardware compatibility

Harnessing data to keep users safe

To build upon Android’s secure foundation, a utility called SafetyNet periodically checks apps, settings and critical security data from over 1 billion Android devices. If an app steps out of line, Google Play can automatically suspend it. And it all happens under the hood to keep you safe, no matter which version of Android you’re on.

1 billion + Android devices checked per day, globally
8 billion Apps checked per day, globally

Secure a device just by turning it on

Upon startup, Verified Boot confirms that the device software hasn’t been tampered with. This is accomplished using a key that’s built in to the device hardware, which ensures that software always comes from a trusted source. In plain English: it’s yet another way Android helps protect your data and your devices.

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Protecting devices, even when they’re lost

You can use Find My Device to remotely locate a lost device associated with a Google account. You can even add a screen-lock PIN or erase all data on a device that's stolen or lost for good. Crisis averted.

A shield around every app

Every Android app is contained in what’s called an application sandbox. If an app attempts something unwanted, like accessing private information in another app, the sandbox stops it in its tracks and keeps you protected.

100 % of Android apps are protected by sandboxing

Sandboxing is yet another critical layer of security for the Google Photos app. It ensures that our users’ private photo and video libraries are kept safe on their devices and provides peace of mind for people to trust our app with their lifetime of memories.

Indrajit Khare Tech Lead & Manager of Google Photos, Android