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Terms and Conditions – Android Pay

1. Introduction

  1. Information on how to enter and the prizes form part of these terms and conditions.
  2. By entering this “Promotion”, you agree that you accept these terms and conditions (the "Terms"), and agree to the Promoter contacting you about the Promotion via email and app notifications. You can choose to opt-out of the Promotion at any time within the Android Pay app or by removing your Eligible Card from the Android Pay app. If you do this you will not be able to participate in the Promotion and may forfeit any Prize(s).
  3. The Promotion will start at 00:01 (AEST) on 22 June 2017 and end at 23:59 (AEDT) on 21 December 2017 or when all the Prizes have been awarded (whichever is earlier) (the “Promotion Period”). New users must add and activate their first Eligible Card on Android Pay in the manner required by 22 November 2017 in order to participate.

2. Eligibility

  1. You must be aged 18 or over to enter the Promotion, or if you are under the age of 18, you must have parental consent to enter the Promotion.
  2. You must be a resident of Australia in order to enter the Promotion.

3. The Promotion

  1. The Promotion is only open to:
    1. new users of the Android Pay app who successfully add and activate their first Eligible Card by 23:59 (AEDT) on 22 November 2017 and make Qualifying Payment(s) (as defined below) within 30 days of the activation of their Eligible Card (ie. by 23.59 AEST/AEDT on the 30th day from the activation); or
    2. users that have added and activated an Eligible Card but have not yet used Android Pay before the Promotion Period, and who make Qualifying Payment(s) before 23:59 AEST on 21 July 2017, each period above being a user’s individual “Promotional Tap Period” as applicable.
  2. “Eligible Card” means a credit or debit card that is capable of being registered with Android Pay. For more information, see clause 7 (Technical Requirements).

4. How to Enter

  1. To enter the Promotion, you must make a Qualifying Payment during the applicable Promotional Tap Period (depending on when you activate an Eligible Card or if you are a user that has added and activated an Eligible Card but has not yet used Android Pay before the Promotion Period) while there are Prizes remaining. A “Qualifying Payment” is a payment made at least one minute apart from another payment made via Android Pay either
    1. at an in-store contactless payment terminal that accepts payments via Android Pay; or
    2. at the check-out for an in-app purchase.
  2. Subject to these Terms, and provided you have not opted out (or do not opt out) of the Promotion, when you make a Qualifying Payment during your Promotional Tap Period you will receive an envelope sent to you via the Android Pay app (an “Envelope”). Each Envelope is an entry in the Promotion.
  3. Each Envelope will be stored in the Android Pay app and be available until the end of your Promotional Tap Period. E.g.1, if you are a user that has added and activated an Eligible Card but has not yet used Android Pay before the Promotion Period, you must open any Envelope(s) by 23:59 (AEST) on 21 July 2017. E.g.2, If you are a new user of the Android app and activate your Eligible Card on 1 August 2017, you must open any Envelope(s) by 23:59 (AEST) on 30 August 2017. All Envelopes will be automatically deleted after your Promotional Tap Period ends and you may forfeit any prizes associated with your unopened Envelopes. If you cannot open an Envelope at any time due to a network connection error, you must open it by the end of your Promotional Tap Period.
  4. If you open the Envelope, you will receive a notification immediately telling you if you have won a Prize and, if you have won, the Prize shown will be automatically saved in your Android Pay app.
  5. You may only make a maximum of 10 Qualifying Payments in any calendar day. If you make more than 10 Qualifying Payments in a calendar day, you will only receive an Envelope for each of your first 10 Qualifying Payments.
  6. The Promoter will deem any Qualifying Payment(s) to have been made at the time the Android Pay app registers to the Promoter that the Qualifying Payment has been made and not necessarily at the time of payment. Qualifying Payments not made in accordance with these Terms will be deemed invalid. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for technical faults or errors with any in-store contactless payment terminals that result in a failure by the Promoter to register payments made.
  7. Only one Eligible Card per person may be used in connection with the Promotion. You can add more than one card to the Android Pay app, however only the first card added and activated will be deemed the Eligible Card for the Promotion.
  8. This is a game of chance and winners will be determined at random and not by the use of any skill.

5. Prizes

  1. The following prizes are available to be won:
    1. up to 128,300 x $5 Coles Supermarkets eGift card (each a “$5 Coles Prize”);
    2. up to 25,000 x Original Boost Juice voucher ($7.85 value) (each a “Boost Juice Prize”);
    3. up to 10,400 x $10 Coles Supermarkets eGift card (each a “$10 Coles Prize”);
    4. up to 20,000 National Restricted Adult eVoucher, redeemable at Village Cinemas, Event Cinemas, Birch, Carroll and Coyle and Greater Union ($12.50 value) (each a “Cinema Prize”);
    5. up to 10,000 x $20 rebel eGift card (each a “$20 rebel Prize”);
    6. up to 5,000 x $30 Myer eGift card (each a “$30 Myer Prize”);
    7. up to 1,000 x $50 Myer eGift card (each a “$50 Myer Prize”);
    8. up to 250 x $100 Coles Supermarkets eGift card (each a “$100 Coles Prize”);
    9. up to 50 x $500 Myer eGift card (each a “$500 Myer Prize”); each a “Prize”.
  2. For entrants based in the Northern Territory, the $30/ $50/ $500 Myer Prize and $20 rebel Prize can only be redeemed with the merchant at their online store in the manner required unless the entrant chooses to redeem the Prizes at a physical store in the manner required in another State or Territory.
  3. The total maximum prize pool value is up to AUD $1,641,750.
  4. Prizes are non-transferable or exchangeable, non-negotiable, and non-refundable, and have no cash alternative. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any tax implications that may arise from winning a Prize. Independent financial advice should be sought.
  5. Any unclaimed Prize(s) valued at over $50 will be distributed to entrants who made a Qualifying Payment during the Promotion Period at the conclusion of the Promotion Period.

6. Redemption of Prizes and Gifts

  1. All Prizes will be stored, and must be redeemed in the manner required, using the Android Pay app.
  2. Each Prize has its own terms and conditions. You can read the full terms and conditions of the:
    1. $5/ $10/ $100 Coles Prize here
    2. Boost Juice Prize here
    3. Cinema Prize here
    4. $20 rebel Prize here
    5. $30/ $50/ $500 Myer Prize here
  3. The Prizes are subject to their prevailing terms and conditions of use, however, the expiry date of each Prize will be specified in the Android Pay app. Prize winners can check the expiry date of their Prize by viewing the Prize in the Android Pay app. In the case of inconsistency between the expiry dates in the Prize’s terms and conditions of use above (as applicable) and in the Android Pay app, the expiry date shown in the Android Pay app will prevail.
  4. The Prizes are not replaceable if a winner’s mobile device is lost, stolen, damaged or compromised in any way.

7. Technical requirements

  1. Latest version of Android Pay is available on NFC-enabled Android devices running KitKat® 4.4+. The latest version of Android Pay is available from the Play store.
  2. Android Pay is only compatible with certain cards from selected banks and networks. The full list of Android Pay supported banks can be found here. Not all cards issued by Android Pay supported banks are able to be registered with Android Pay.

8. Other important information

  1. The Promoter reserves the right to request that you produce (within the requested time) appropriate photo identification or other documentation (to the Promoter’s satisfaction, at its sole discretion) in order to confirm your identity, age, residential address, eligibility to enter and claim a Prize, and any information submitted by you in entering the promotion, before issuing a Prize. If any documentation required by the Promoter is not received by the Promoter (or its nominated agent) or you or your Qualifying Payment has not been verified or validated to the Promoter’s (or its nominated agent’s) satisfaction then all of your entries may be ineligible and deemed invalid.
  2. The Promoter reserves the right to verify the validity of any and all entries and to disqualify you or deem that a payment is not a Qualifying Payment in the event the Promoter determines in its reasonable discretion that you have: (a) tampered with the entry process; (b) not acted in accordance with these Terms; or (c) engaged in any unlawful or other improper conduct calculated to jeopardise the fair and proper conduct of the promotion.
  3. If a Prize becomes unavailable for any reason beyond the Promoter’s reasonable control, then a comparable prize or prize element of equal or greater value will be awarded, subject to any written directions made under applicable Australian State or Territory legislation.
  4. The Promoter and its associated agencies and companies exclude all liability (including negligence) except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law (including any applicable consumer guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law in Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)), for any direct or indirect injury, loss and/or damage arising in any way out of the Promotion. This includes, but is not limited to: (i) technical malfunctions, delays or failures, including those resulting from accessing any materials related to this promotion and any incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information communicated in the course of, or in connection with, this promotion as a result of any technical malfunctions, delays or failures; (ii) theft, unauthorised access or third party interference; (iii) lost or damaged entries, prize claims or Prize(s); and/or (iv) acceptance and/or use of any Prize.
  5. If the Promotion is not capable of running as planned for any reason beyond the reasonable control of the Promoter, tampering, unauthorised intervention, technical failures, directions of regulators or industry self-regulatory bodies or any which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this promotion, the Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Promotion and/or if necessary to provide alternative prize(s) to the same value as the original prize(s), subject to any written directions made under applicable Australian State or Territory legislation.
  6. Subject to applicable State and Territory legislation, the dispute resolution and governing law provisions in the Android Pay Terms of Service will also apply to these Terms.

9. Privacy

  1. All personal information will be stored by the Promoter in accordance with the Google Privacy Policy. A copy of the Google Privacy Policy in relation to the treatment of personal information collected may be obtained at https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.
  2. In addition, the Promoter collects personal information about you to include you in the Promotion, award the Prizes (where appropriate) and use the information to assist in improving the goods and services of the Promoter. If the personal information requested is not provided, you cannot participate in the Promotion and are deemed ineligible.
  3. By entering the Promotion, you acknowledge that a further primary purpose for the collection of your personal information by the Promoter is to contact you in the future with information about the Promotion via any medium including any form of electronic, emerging, digital or conventional communications channel whether existing now or in the future.

The “Promoter” is Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Android Pay is subject to the terms and conditions at https://www.android.com/intl/en_us/pay/terms/.

NSW Permit No. LTPS/17/15090; ACT Permit TP 17/01134; SA Permit T17/1084.