The world's most popular mobile OS

Android powers more than a billion phones and tablets around the world. It’s customizable, yet easy to use, and since it's made by Google, it works seamlessly with all your favorite Google apps.

Built for you

Android keeps you connected to what matters.

Google Now brings you just the right information at just the right time. Weather, traffic, transit schedules, even the latest scores come automatically, just as you need them.
Widgets on your home screen show you everything you care about: the latest news, weather or even a stream of your latest photos.
Ask Google for anything, or tell it what to do, like get directions, send a text message, or make a phone call. You can even ask Google what song is playing.
Make your device yours by signing in to your Google Account. All your contacts, Gmail, music, photos, and documents are right there as soon as you sign in.

Millions of things to share

Google Play is stocked with apps, videos, games and things to read. Listen to your favorite music, watch a movie or race the fastest car you can find.

Take your pick

Get the phone or tablet that's just right for you — whether it's got a big screen, high-resolution camera, surround-sound speakers, or physical keyboard.

Several Android devices
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Sweetness made here

This is Building 44 at Google where Android is made. Each Android release is named after something sweet, like our latest version, KitKat.